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Bay West Europe Website Privacy Statement

Welcome to the Bay West Web site. We take the privacy concerns of our visitors seriously and try to ensure that your information is handled with care and consideration for both privacy and security.

We may collect certain personal data, for example information submitted via web enquiry forms and information about website usage. These help us to provide our best service to you and to make improvements to the website based on usage trends.

Our web server will log certain information such as times of access and IP addresses of visitors, this is a standard practice for fault finding, service improvement and security reviews.

Contact and enquiry forms

When providing information to us using our website contact and enquiry forms, your information is provided directly to Bay West.

Cookies on this website

We use cookies - small pieces of textual data stored in your web browser - on this website to help provide the website's services. For your peace of mind we have listed details of those cookies created by this website and the cookies created by 'third-party' websites that help us to provide our video guides.

Asking your permission for cookies

We have set one essential website cookie on your computer, a 'session' cookie used to aid your visit, but destroyed after your visit ends. This cookie does not contain any personal information and cannot be used to track multiple visits.

Our website analytics allow us to gain insight into how visitors are using our site and where we can make improvements. However, we respect your privacy so we ask your permission before we use website analytics cookies on this website.

The cookie consent messages will appear on every page of our website. Should you agree to allow these cookies, we will also set a consent cookie that records your choice and will make sure we do not ask you again.

The following guide illustrates each of the cookies we use on this website:

Website analytics cookies


What is this cookie used for:

These cookies are used by our preferred website tracking system, Google Analytics. This system provides us with anonymous usage statistics, allowing us to see the most popular areas of the website and examine how visitors find the information they need.

This information helps us to make improvements to the website content and structure so that it remains both useful and pleasant to use.

This cookie does not store any personal information on your computer.

For more information on Google Analytics and to view Google's own privacy policies, please visit: Google Analytics Privacy information.

Website performance and stability cookies


What is this cookie used for:

This is an essential cookie for maintaining stability and performance of interactive parts of the website during your visit, for example on our contact and enquiry forms.

This cookie does not store any personal information on your computer.

How long will this cookie last:

This cookie is set automatically when you visit any page on the Bay West website, and is destroyed after the end of your visit.

Website cookie consent cookie


What is this cookie used for:

This cookie is used to store your choice to allow us to use cookies. While it is present, you will not see any consent messages appear when visiting our website.

This cookie does not store any personal information on your computer.

How long will this cookie last:

This cookie will be stored on your computer for 1 year, but may be updated when you make subsequent visits to the site. You may delete this cookie at any time without affecting your access to the website, however it will mean that consent messages appear on our pages once more.

Opting-out of website analytics

You can opt-out of our website analytics by clicking the link below. A confirmation message should appear to show your choice has been recorded.

I wish to opt-out of website analytics tracking for this website

Third-party cookies

What are these cookies used for:

Our video guides and video product promotions use YouTube to provide high-quality, fast video directly accessible from the website and perfectly suited to your device, be it a computer or a smartphone.

Note that our videos are embedded using YouTube's privacy-enhanced mode. YouTube may set a cookie on your computer once you have, for example, clicked on a video to play it or interacted with video controls.

YouTube may use their own cookies to help provide this service. To view You Tube's own privacy information, please visit: YouTube video embedding information.

More information about cookies

Your web browser software should provide settings and preferences for cookie control. It should also allow you to delete any and all cookies stored.

Some web browsers will allow you to choose the type of cookie you wish to accept or deny, or select the sites you wish to prevent from setting cookies. Should you wish to, you can use your web browsing software's tools and settings to remove cookies set by this website, or to prevent them from being set on future visits.

For information about cookies and how to manage them, visit