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Bay West Europe Website accessibility Statement

Welcome to the Bay West Web Europe website, the site has been designed and developed with ease of use, speed and accessibility in mind, so as to provide an optimum services for all users, and to degrade gracefully for users with certain browser features turned off, or additional accessibility software in use to aid reading and navigation.

Web Browsers

This website is designed to work with all recent web browsers, including late versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera.

Screen size

This website is designed for a minimum screen size (resolution) of 1024 pixels by 768 pixels, in order to present textual and image content for our products in a visually assistive manner. At lower resolutions some horizontal scrolling may be required in order to read and navigate the page.


We use images across the site to present products and to format our content. With the exception of background images used for presentation, all of the images on this site will have ALT attributes to describe their content or purpose.


We use plain HTML links for the majority of navigation links on the website. We use TABINDEX attributes to prioritise the main navigation areas of the website. Where scripting is used to enhance the user-experience it is, in most cases, applied to plain links that support non-scripted links to the same content.

Items on-screen that require a 'click' may normally be accessed and interacted with using a combination of tabbing (to move to the item) and pressing return to initiate a click action.

Brochures and downloads

The majority of brochure of guidance documentation we provide on this website is in the form of PDF files. To access files in the PDF format, you will need a PDF document reader, such as Adobe Reader.

Multimedia, Audiovisual content

We provide video documentation and guidance from some areas of the website, for which compatible softwre players or browser plugins may be required. Videos may not be playable on all systems. Please follow guidance that accompanies multimedia content.


We use page scripting to enhance the user-experience and to dynamically load additional content for our pages. Turning Javascript to off in your browser settings may limit the user-experience but should not present access to any area of the website.